East Side


H&M Shirt | Topshop Jeans | BDG Shoes 

Berlin is the final stop of my trip here in Berlin (thankfully - since it is possible I may  have run out of money a couple of days ago - oops) and the graffiti in this city will make even the preppiest of girls feel like donning a pair of sneakers and trying their luck on a skateboard (not always a good idea, some things only look cool when other  people do it). 

These photos were taken at the East Side Gallery - 1.3km of graffiti work painted on part of the remains of the Berlin Wall, all evoking ideas of freedom and memoriam. It's a beautiful experience so make sure you check it out if you're ever in the city!   

Aside from all the history and amazing street art (and cheap food, because I obviously haven't eaten enough on this trip yet) there's also amazing shopping. I actually got to shop in an Urban Outfitters without the help of a mouse and a virtual shopping cart! A thrilling experience for any Australian. Paigge may have found it whilst I was waiting for her in a Starbucks - I was terrified she'd been kidnapped or had gotten seriously lost, completely unawares she was simply enjoying herself far too much trying clothes and forgetting all about me. But let's be honest, would we have walked away from an Urban Outfitters for a coffee? No, no we would not. She came and picked me up eventually and shared her incredible discovery. Maybe it'd have been better if she hadn't... did I mention I've run out of money? 

Photos by Paigge Frankie