ASOS Dress | Jelly Bean shoes | Oroton Handbag | ASOS Sunglasses (Similar Here)


I know a lot of people hate the fact that JellyBean's are back - but I'm officially a lover. A neon pink (often sparkly), transparent, plastic, slip on shoe that I begged for as a 5 year old now comes in adult sizes? Yes, please. 

Honestly, I put them on and instantly felt an urge to put on my Spice Girls CD (it wouldn't feel the same if I used an iPod), squeal about how I would one day marry Aaron Carter while Sailor Moon played on the tv in the background. 

Instead I decided to be a little more grown up about things* and drive to Alexandria for a catch up lunch with Paigge (although I did take my Spice Girl CD for the ride). You may remember she is the one I recently travelled around Europe with and I've been having withdrawals ever sine I came home. I wake up and Paigge isn't there to tell me we slept through breakfast. I go to bed and Paigge isn't there to remind me to charge my phone. I go to dinner and Paigge isn't there to share obscene amounts of pasta and pizza with me. Basically what I'm saying is that it's been super weird not being around each other all the time. Not that we needed an excuse to go to The Grounds of Alexandria, which is actually one of my favourite places to meet up for coffee. Although be prepared to drive around looking for parking! 

They serve their food on wooden chopping boards and their drinks in mason jars, so you'll also get a great instagram photo out of it (and everyone else will be doing it so you don't have to be embarrassed about standing up to get an aerial shot of your meal). 

* Although I suppose a real grown up would probably use the term 'adult' instead. Oops.

Photos by Paigge Warton