Lack of Color


The Rebirth of Color is here - and you can buy it online at Lack of Color.

The Australian born label Lack of Color have released their new Summer 2014 collection, Rebirth of Color. They've become famous for their hats over the last year. You most definitely would have seen Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage sporting one of their hats all over her Instagram of late. And if you were paying attention you would have seen Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three sneak it in there once or twice as well. The new collection takes the next step in what I am going to dub 'Hat History' by introducing their signature stiff brimmed fedoras in a range of wonderful pastels along with black and a deep, cobalt blue. Last years collection was a lot more bold and loud when it came to colour choices, this Summer see's Lack of Color taking it down a notch and giving us a pure breath of fresh air with these light, fun and perfectly crisp new options.

Personally, I'm in love - and may possibly already have set aside a couple of outfits to compliment those wide, pastel brims. Their complete lookbook is now available on their site - you can check it out here - so you can, like me, become obsessed and start ripping apart your wardrobe. Each colour of hat comes in both a narrow and wide brim, so feel free to buy one in each, just in case you want to switch and change every other day. I know I will. Nothing says Summer like a picnic on the beach with a fresh fruit smoothie, a white dress and a big, colourful wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face - or just to make you look glamorous, that part isn't so bad either. 

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