Dangerfield Dress | Senso Shoes | Oroton Handbag | Tiffany's Bracelet


These are just some quick shots we took in the Camellia Gardens after taking the photos of Jessica. My hair was far from looking it's best, so in order to avoid forcing you to look at that mess I decided to just dance around a bit instead. 

My friend Molly was taking the photos for me - and getting justifiably distracted by all the baby ducks walking around - but I didn't post any photos of them for fear of being outshone by teacup sized balls of feathers.  

This dress is from Dangerfield - which, if you're from down south, you can find inside Myer at the Miranda Westfield. I fell in love with Dangerfield a couple of years ago due to the fact that they're the only store I've found that consistently stocks dresses that do not look ridiculously short on  me. How refreshing it is to not have to wear shorts under my dress for a change! #tallgirlproblems  

Yes, I just used a hashtag. #sorrynotsorry

Oh and sorry about the bandage. I had a small altercation with my doctor, a needle and some thread. I'm fine though really, no need to send flowers. Unless they're peonies. Peonies are always a good idea. 

Photos by Molly Pearce