There's something about the Christmas season which just makes me want to spend money on myself. I don't know whether it's buying all these amazing things for other people or the constant reminders everywhere of all the beautiful things for sale, but one way or another I always end up pining in front of shop windows while I scroll through the hundreds of bookmarks I've saved in my phone for myself.

You can't always trust the people who love you to get you the perfect gift. While it's true that it's the thought that counts and we love them dearly either way, sometimes when a girl wants something done right she has to buy it for herself.

This is why I create a Wishlist for myself every year. I might not manage to get all the things on it at Christmas time, but all that means is that my new years resolution is always very easy to figure out. 

I'm going to start with the most important of the items on this years list. Basically what it comes down to is that I truly adore Miley Cyrus (yes, yes I know, I know, there's nothing you can say about this that my friends haven't already told me a hundred times) and so when I tracked down the (incredible) sunglasses she wore in her 'We Can't Stop' video they instantly made it to the top of the list. 

Tom Ford FT0304 NASTASYA 16C.jpg

The glasses are available at Vision Direct - you can find them here


Over the past year my friends have also inspired me to fall in love with Pandora rings. I'm not a huge fan of the charm bracelets and so unfortunately (for me) I never gave the brand a chance. It's time I took back anything bad I ever said about Pandora and professed my love for it instead.



All of these rings are available for the Pandora website here


I've also decided I want an iPad. I've always been very indifferent towards them and I know I'm very late for that train! I'm ashamed to say that it's my love for adorable accessories that first ignited the flame of love I now feel towards these tiny tablets of happiness.


You all know where to get the iPad but you can get the case here and the sticker here


Last but not least I want to get my hands on a pair of Burned Velvet leggings from Black Milk. I have been pining over these tights for over a year. I don't know too much for certain in life, but I know it's not healthy to look at tights the way I look at these. 


These tights are available here


That's it (for this year). I hope you guys are making your own wishlists! Link me to them if you have, I can always use more inspiration!