August Street dress | Oroton Clutch | Jeffrey Campbell shoes | Zara necklace (similar here)


If you are looking for the perfect NYE dress and you've realised you only have 3 days left to find one read on young padawan and learn from my mistakes.

Throughout my teen years I always associated New Years Eve with sparkles and glitter and dressed accordingly. There were many glittery shoes and dresses involved and I begged my mum every year to buy me a new shade of ChiChi eyeshadow so that my eyes would match my outfit. Being much wiser now at the ripe old age of 22 I've decided to switch sparkles for metallics, a natural evolution. Metallics still have the glamour factor without making you feel like you are dressing up for a fairy themed birthday party. So pull all your metallic pieces together and make it work - the best thing about them is that different coloured metallics tend to compliment one another, so mix and match! 

As far as shoes go Jeffrey Campbell's Lita's are an oldie but a goodie. Why? Because they're God's gift to girls who can't walk in heels (or are hitting the cocktails) ie they're perfect for NYE. The platform on the toe means you're basically walking on a flat surface. Ps if you live in Australia Fox Maiden do next day delivery - If you're in the US Solestruck are doing overnight Fed Ex this week.

I advise wearing your hair up for two reasons - it's low maintenance on a night where there are already enough expectations and reasons to stress and if you're in Australia it is Summer and hair sticking to your sweaty cheeks because you were dancing to Avicii for the last hour is not a good look. It also takes a lot less time because it requires no straightening or curling. 

I approach my make up in a pretty simple way. Dark eyes, clear skin and a dramatic lip. It accents the metallics and your friends with always be able to find you in a crowd.

And that's it! If I haven't helped at all I'm very sorry but the sales are still running so you'll just have to go and shop, what a bummer! (sarcasm of course, shopping is the best. And all that walking will mean you can visit the food court without feeling guilty.) 


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