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American Apparel socks | Betts boots | Red Cherry coat | Kaboodle Designs bag | ASOS dress | Scarf from Camden Markets

This past weekend some friends and I went to a small town called Berry (which is about an hours drive south of Sydney) for the weekend for my birthday (happy birthday to me!) 

I've travelled all over Australia and whilst places like Kings Canyon, The Great Barrier Reef, the Dain Tree Rainforest and all the beaches are amazing, there is something about the beauty of Berry and the surrounding landscapes that puts it at the top of my list.  

We stayed in this amazing house (you can check it our here if you'd like to go there) which you can see above (sorry about the bad quality, it's from an iPhone) which had an incredible view. I couldn't help just walking around even if it was cold. We also used the landscape and the paddocks to our advantage and took some amazing outfit shots which I'll be sharing over the next week.  

I've also discovered that there really isn't much that beats sitting in front of a fire place, reading a book and over looking an amazing view. Pretty good birthday present.  

We also got a chance to walk around Berry which I've always preferred to refer to as Hogsmeade (I first visited it when I was 10 and still eagerly awaiting my Hogwarts letter). It even has its own version of Honeydukes called Bon Bon. You have no idea how badly I wanted to buy that lollypop.