Forever New Broderie DressOroton bag (removable strap, I'm using it as a clutch - it's also on sale at the moment!), Hot Kiss shoes

So, as anyone who has me on instagram would know (sorryimnotsorry), I spent the last week in Melbourne. Seriously guys, if you’re into sales go to Melbourne for Boxing Day. If you didn’t go, you missed out and should start planning next years trip immediately.

Because I didn’t have my normal blogger-friendly photographer (Paigge Frankie) I had to ask my sister to help out. With some interesting results.

  • She is not a blogger and finds it endlessly hilarious that I take photos of myself and kept saying ‘now strike a pose’ in not-very-well-hidden mocking tone.
  • She though it was really funny to take more photos of my talking than looking at the camera (I tried to incorporate a few above for her entertainment)
  • I discovered that I am very particular about how my photos should/must be taken and am not very subtle/kind at delivering these requests.

All in all though, we made a pretty good team by the end of the week and had a system going. And she did manage to put up with my demands, so she does deserve a pretty huge thank you.

ALL THAT ASIDE, I am in love with this dress. I’ve mentioned before how I’m 6ft tall. This usually gets responses such as “Oh my God! You should totally be a model” or “I’m so jealous, I need to wear heels everywhere!” But girls, let me share a few tidbits of crucial information about being a tall girl.

  1.  If you ever want to wear heels anywhere (ever) be prepared for every person you encounter to comment on how you resemble a mammoth.
  2. It is very, very difficult to find any boys taller than you before you put the heels on. So if you’re out somewhere in heels, you can basically forget it.
  3.  Jeans will always, always, be too short for you.
  4. And last, and possibly the most annoying one of all, every skirt and dress ever made is going to be ridiculously short on you and make you look like a skank.

I love this dress because it is such a nice length on me. Please just ignore the fact that my skin is almost the same colour as the dress (it didn’t come in any other colours – you win some, you lose some).

Also ignore the state of my leg. I had a slight disagreement with an escalator. The escalator won. 

I hope you all have an amazing NYE! 

Photos by Grace Jordan