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Sports Girl faux fur hat: Similar here (or check Amazon/Ebay where there are hundreds of choices)

Another post from Berry that Roisin (from The Simple Moment) and I shot just as the sun was going down. I'm always worried about this time of day because you basically only have one chance and if you don't get a shot you like, well too late you have to wait till tomorrow. But these shots are possibly my favourites from my Blogger history so maybe I should take the risk more often? 

Anyway, to the fashion part of this fashion post, who else loves (faux) fur hats? I remember saying a while ago that I was becoming a hat person and I'm really living up to my promise. I don't know if I like it because it's warm, because it's pretty or because I like prancing around in front of a camera at dusk with one on pretending to be a Russian princess. All of the above? 

Photos by Roisin Kerin