Nishe Sweetheart Dress | Vintage sunglasses & hat | Disney Couture necklace | Kaboodle bag | Rubi Shoes | Rimmel 'Funtime Fuchsia' Lipstick 

Here are the results of my first blogger collaboration! I got together with Erika from http://blog.erikarax.com (who is a graphic design/food blogger) and had a picnic. 

Erika is responsible for all the food of course (no one who wants something nice to eat lets me near an oven) and I can personally vouch for how delicious it all was. I had to keep pausing between photos to finish off mouthfuls of her Cadbury Freckles. She also edited all the photos. So I need to thank her for transforming me and this set up into something from Alice in Wonderland. All I needed was a white rabbit.

This dress is on sale by the way! So if you were in the market for a purple dress covered in little embroidered cupcakes you're in luck.

The photos were taken at the Camellia Gardens which is the most beautiful and tranquil paradise hidden amongst the busy suburb of Caringbah in Sydney's south. It's one of my favourite places in Sydney and you may remember I've taken photos there before. You should definitely go there if you get a chance. 

I know we aren't exactly in picnic season but if you get the chance and it's a sunny day you should grab your favourite throw pillows and try out some of Erika's amazing recipes and have your own Alice in Wonderland inspired day!

Photos taken and edited by Erika Rax