Supre Top | Forever New Skirt | Market Espadrilles (similar here) | Disney Couture necklace


This week I have been in Lisbon, Portugal. The streets here have so many crazy coloured terrace houses, some with mosaics, some with street art, some with pot planted window sills and others with brightly painted walls. Brightly painted walls which are perfect for leaning up against whilst pretending you're James Dean ( a skirt).  

Have I mentioned how hot it is here yet? Because it is hot. And I'm Australian, and we tend to know hot. In Seville last week it reached 47 degrees celsius. I mean come on Europe, I love you, but cut us some slack. Sight seeing is not fun, glamorous or attractive when your sunglasses keep sliding off of your face due to sweat (enjoy that visual). 

Apart from the heat everything has been amazing so far. I wish I had been able to take some outfit shots at the Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra (the most amazing, magical gardens you can imagine) but due to the aforementioned heat no one wants to see close ups of what I looked like on that day. Although if you're lucky I might post some shots of me hanging out of a castle tower a la Rapunzle (or Taylor Swift circa Love Story)... maybe.  

Hopefully I'll find some good wifi in Morocco to post my next outfit. Chefchaouen should provide plenty of colourful walls made for leaning.

Photos by Paigge Frankie