Hat from Dubrovnik Markets (similar here) | Victoria's Secret Bikini Top | YSL Lipstick (shade 19)


So if I win the lottery I think it's safe to say that I'll just buy a house on the coast of Croatia and become a hermit. Living off of coffee, gelato and sun rays. Unfortunately, I have not won the lotto and will have to, in the short term, settle for 7 amazing days I got to spend in Croatia before heading up North for Germany, kransky's and Oktoberfest. 

These photos were taking on the coastline of Hvar, an island about one hour from Croatia's mainland. Paigge and I rented a boat with a couple of friends we'd met in Dubrovnik (one of which could, thankfully, actually drive a boat) and we spent the day roaming around and jumping in and out of the water*.  

I'd been searching everywhere for the perfect oversized sun hat. Poor Paigge had to hear me ask 'What about this  one?' more times than was probably necessary, so I should thank her for her patience. Anyway, I finally found this one and although I definitely love it, I did not put much thought into how I'm supposed to get it across Europe and the Atlantic. It probably won't look this flat and pretty when I arrive back in Sydney. Oops. 

I should also probably start a hashtag for Hat Appreciation. Seems to be a common theme of mine. Maybe I'll use my lotto winnings to build a room just for my hats in my Croatian home?


* Getting back into a boat that has no ladder or steps is not attractive - make sure no one is wielding a camera as you attempt to do it.  


Photos by Paigge Frankie