ASOS Dress |  Espadrilles (Similar Here) | Handmade handbag from markets


So in the spirit of full disclosure this post is a little bit of a lie. I'm currently in Morocco where female tourists are encouraged to cover up their arms and legs out of respect for the Muslim culture. So, I didn't actually walk around Chefchaouen in this outfit but actually also wore pants and a shawl. I had to awkwardly (and quickly) take off the pants in the middle of the street in order to take these photos and avert my eyes shamefully every time someone walked past and glared at my legs. Thus, these photos are among the fastest Paigge and I have ever taken. 

Have you ever been to Morocco? Apart from having to cover up in such hot weather it actually is a beautiful country and there a lot of benefits to the culture. The markets! The food! The markets!!! Having limits to luggage weight (not to mention needing to retain the capability of closing my suitcase) is seriously impairing my ability to shop. Well, it's impairing my ability to shop liberally , I've still definitely managed to buy plenty of things I probably don't really need. But that's all part of the fun of shopping!

Chefchauoen has definitely been my favourite stop so far! If you haven't been to 'The Blue City' - or it's not in your plans - you need to rethink your life and find a way to make it happen! It's ridiculously beautiful. I thought it was only right to honour the town with a blue themed post.

Heading out into the desert very early tomorrow for a camel ride through the Sahara and a night camping among the sand dunes. So I should probably get back to listening to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series and re-packing all my belongings. Which somehow, even with the shortest of stays, manage to disperse themselves all over the room.