Loverbird Dress | Saboskirt Rings | Tiffany's bracelet | Aldo Shoes


Feel free to mock how long it has taken me to jump on the monochrome bandwagon. Before this my idea of stylish monochromes was my black skinny jeans with white converse sneakers. Well... if I'm completely honest it still is, by I'm doing my best to branch out. It seems these days you can't call yourself a 'fashion blogger' unless you've posted at least 4 photos of yourself on Instagram wearing a structured white skirt (most likely a 'skort') and a black crop. Seeing as I was not blessed with narrow hips I tend to steer clear of a-line skirts and into the oncoming ever present skater dress. And thus this post was born. My desire to dive into the black-and-white era fooling around with my love of a cinched waist and full skirt. 

I was also not having the best hair day, so I did what any self respecting woman would do - I pinned the most troublesome part back and swept it to one side and ignored the problem. I also made sure to tell everyone I met that I was having a bad hair day before they could look too closely and judge me while thinking I left the house the way by choice. Owning up to the crime means you're off the hook, right?

As a side note these shoes hold a wonderful lesson I believe it is my responsibility to share with you all - do not buy wooden wedges in London on a whim when you still have weeks and weeks of travel and living out of a suitcase ahead of you. If you absolutely must buy the shoes ship them home - learn from my mistake.

Photos by Elsie Jordan (my 13 year old sister - girls got skills)