Hot & Cold

Boohoo top | ASOS Skirt | Nowhere shoes (similar here) | Karen Walker sunglasses | Tiffany's bracelet 


Sydney is obviously going through a hard time right now, some possible emotional instability, maybe a mid-life crisis (at age 226 who can blame it?) and it has all resulted in some very inconsistent weather conditions. It poured with rain on Christmas day, ruining most everyone's plans quite nicely. It was over 40 degrees only a few days prior and it's currently cloudy, windy and an unpleasant 18 degrees outside on January 8th. I don't know what's going on with you Sydney, but this behaviour has got to stop. 

The worst part isn't even remembering that this time last year I was swimming in Bronte beach pool with Paigge and my sister at 3am in 45 degree heat while right now I'm in bed wrapped in my doona - it's the wardrobe decisions. Skinny jeans? too hot. Singlet and shorts? No protection from the cold. Mini skirt? Oh yeah sure, if I want to flash everyone in the street when Sydney decides it wants a Southerly to blow through and humiliate me. 

So I've had to come up with the perfect 'Sydney Weather Outfit' (a first for me since Australia generally only has two seasons - hot and slightly more comfortably warm) and this is what I've come up with.

- Three quarter sleeves to prevent goosebumps which just enhance surprise chilly weather

- A slight crop to make sure you are still getting some air and not getting too warm

- A skirt, so your legs aren't bound in by skinny jeans when the clouds decide to move on and the sun comes out

- A skirt made from heavy or thick material to avoid any uncomfortable moments when the wind picks up

- Sandles because you can get away with them in any weather as long as you can still say it's summer and because you always feel more cool when your feet can breathe (which is why we all end up in the situation I'm sure)

And that's it. It took me so long to perfect this that I have to hope Sydney gets it together soon or everyone is going to start questioning if I ever wash this outfit. Or I'll be forced to get more creative. I convinced myself for so long that a singlet and jeans were the answer (despite my arms being freezing and my legs begging to be freed from their hot and sticky prison) that the latter is probably not looking good. So let's hope Sydney buys a tub of ice cream and cries all its issues out of its system so we can all meet up and tell Bronte beach pool how much we've missed it. 

Photos by Molly Pearce