Sabo Skirt Dress (this pattern is currently out of stock but you can buy this version and this version)

Last weekend my friend Daniel and I headed down to Canberra to explore their annual flower festival, Floriade. Despite getting lost and adding an hour to our trip (which just meant that I had more time to torture him with Miley Cyrus songs) we made it down in one piece. Daniel actually came to the rescue at the last minute when my original photographer ran into complications and couldn't come along anymore - and I think he did a pretty amazing job. He is also a fan of road trip snacks, Jamiroquai, scary small town stop overs and skyping friends in Canada - ladies apply inside. 

I generally steer clear of maxi dresses (wide hips and a larger chest can mean that the draping ends up being rather unflattering) but I fell in love with the colours of this dress and the fact that while you've got the drama of the flowing tail you also have the statement of your legs. 

I also have a love affair with flowers. So Floriade was an obvious option for a road trip. We also discovered a place called Tulip Tops which is going to make for a fun post in the future. I also want to road trip to the sunflower fields in Tamworth when they come into bloom early next year. I wish I could afford to buy flowers for my house every week, sadly spending considerable amounts of money on dying commodities is not the smartest way to invest ones funds. I'll simply have to settle for pretty photographs to admire instead. 

In other life news my friend Charley and I have just purchased tickets for Japan, we are going to spend a month there in May. I have a small, but loveable, obsession with all Miyazaki creations (most especially that ball of happiness, Totoro), Hello Kitty, Sushi, Cherry Blossoms and Lolita fashion and I'm excited not only to indulge all of these niche loves, but to discover and appreciate new ones. I have travelled Europe a couple of times, but Japan is a completely different world. 

I'm struggling with a serious case of writers block today but I wanted to make sure that I put up this post today because it has been a couple of weeks since my last one. Here's hoping I start to feel inspired again soon and am back giving you all invaluable life lessons and nugget of wisdom within the week! 

Photos by Daniel Walton