Jovonnista Dress | Novo Shoes (Similar Here)

Let's skip straight over the "Mary who?"'s and straight into the fact that I'm not wearing the colour black (the shoes don't count) or jeans. It's a monumental moment that in all likely hood won't happen again for a long time, so we should really appreciate it while it lasts. Unless I'm dressing up for something special I rarely seem to incorporate much colour into my daily wardrobe. It's not something I've ever done consciously, but I am always drawn to skinny jeans and dark shades none the less. But I fell in love with the shades of blue in this dress (the fact that it's 80% off didn't hurt its chances either). I also have a small and ever lasting love for all kinds of plaid, but as it's in season at the moment I have had to try and actively stop myself from buying new pieces everyday (not always successfully), and I thought the rainbow laced tweed of the top half of this dress was a fun compromise on my new strict plaid policy. 

Aside from having to restrain myself from buying shirts that make me look like some kind of scrawny trucker, I've also been finishing my second trimester of college, working 32 hours a week, eating inordinate amounts of dumplings, creating podcasts and YouTube videos and listening to Taylor Swift's new album over and over and over again. All of which has been keeping me exceptionally busy and I may have lost my voice due to screaming out the lyrics to 'Blank Space' one too many times. I also went and saw Miley Cyrus live and can honestly say that my life will never be the same now that I've seen her fly around a room on a giant weiner. She is by far my favourite not-so-guilty pleasure. 

I only have 4 more weeks until Christmas break which means once again I'll have regular updates going. I have at least 3 projects lined up which I'm pretty excited to get working on - but in the meantime I have to keep practicing my perfect 'news anchor lady voice' and learning about all the different ways being a journalist can land you in jail. 

Photos by Charley Marlin