On Wednesdays we wear pink

ASOS Oasis dress | Daniel Wellington watch | Nudin clutch | Frends headphonesPhone Skin by Maines

A lot has changed in Sydney over the past couple of days. Many say that we've lost our innocence, while others say that we've become closer and stronger than ever. But the only change that really matters, is that two lives were lost and two families lost loved ones, forever. I wrote the blog post below over the weekend, before the events of Martin Place. In the spirit of not allowing the cruel acts of a sick individual change us, or the way in which we live our lives, I'm going to leave everything I wrote as it is. But even as we go about our days in the normal way, as we pick up our morning coffee, drive to work, go out for drinks with friends or crawl into bed to watch True Detective, remember that there are two people who will never be able to do those things again. Remember Tori and Katrina, don't let them have died in vain. Remember the children in Pakistan who lost their lives in a massacre while we were at work. Don't take your menial daily tasks, or your loved ones, for granted.



I recently read a meme that said "You say I'm wearing too much black but all I here is 'I look great'" and realised I've been un-knowingly following this mantra my whole life. So, although my tastes or views on wearing black haven't changed, I've been making a concerted effort of late not to dress like Wednesday Adam's every single day. As you can tell, by my choice to buy a completely hot pink jacquard dress, I've taken this challenge pretty seriously. I'm even trying to mix up my accessories. My friends were quick to point out the irony of having placed a galaxy on my iPhone - but I couldn't help the temptation of channeling Arthur Dent's adventures everytime I send a text, Instagram or check the time. 

Which actually, quite neatly, brings me to my early Christmas present to myself. I'd been drooling over the Daniel Wellington website ever since I'd come across one of their beautiful creations on Tumblr a few years ago. "You've never even worn a watch," I told myself, "You have your phone to check the time, save the money." And this reasoning worked pretty well for a long time. Until a few weeks ago when my friend/sometimes photographer, Joe, came up to my desk at work wearing my dream watch on his wrist. I'd never seen one in person before, and by the time he left my desk a few minutes later, I'd already purchased one. My earlier reasoning didn't go without merit either, it took me around 4 days to realise the time on the watch was out by about 5 hours, and even then, I only noticed because someone else pointed it out. I'm still not sure I've ever used it to check the time. But surely this is normal for someone who has never worn a watch - I'm going to keep wearing it and hoping for the best. As with books and print journalism - analogue clocks are a vintage luxury we take for granted, and I am committed to giving it the attention it deserves. 

Today is my first day at Channel Nine, so let's all hope that I don't put on a display of how uncoordinated I can be and that I can, for at least the first day, talk at a normal speed and make no obscure pop culture references or jokes that no one will understand. I have one friend who is always quick to tell me that I reference/compare real life to too many books no one has ever read and tv shows no cares about and while I will continue to tell him that he is simply jealous that he'll never travel through a wardrobe to have tea with a faun or get super powers with a group of teenagers completing their community service, I suppose I could try to dial it back while working in my first professional newsroom. Only time will tell (another sneaky reference to the watch, get it? See getting great use out of it already). 


Photos by Charley Marlin