HerPony Bralet | Boohoo Skirt

I saw this bralet on Tumblr about 6 months ago and fell in love. It's lucky I have such great internet stalking skills (don't look at me like that, we are all masters of the social media stalk, until we accidentally like a photo and freak out) or I might never have found out where it was from. When I did I had to pre-order it and wait a couple of months but it was totally worth it. They're once again out of stock, but email the girls over here to get yourselves on the waiting list, they are so lovely and are happy to keep you notified of when it comes back into stock. Because the only thing better than a white lace bralet is a white lace bralet with daisies on it

In other news, there is nothing like a walk through sand dunes searching for a good spot to take photos to remind you that everyday you choose to eat spoonfuls of Nutella rather than go for a run. I could hardly breath by the time we found this spot. As if that wasn't enough, my friend (and part-time photographer) Roisin was perfectly fine, you'd have thought she'd just stepped out of bed or something. So naturally, once we got back to the car and I'd managed to get my heart rate to play along again I bought a choc top ice cream from the ice cream truck to make myself feel better. No regrets. 

Photos  by Roisin Kerin