Sussan Shirt | Topshop Jeans (I'm wearing the 'Tall' pair) | Havaiana Thongs | River Island Bag

One of the most crucial lessons I've learnt when it comes to fashion and dressing to your own style is not to be snobby about where I shop. We all have parts of our bodies we do not love, for some it's shoulders, for others it's thighs or stomachs. For me it's my hips. I find them too wide and unflattering and therefore, tend to cover them up. One day I hope to be confident enough to walk around in jeans and a crop top, but for now I'm most comfortable in baggy T-shirts. One of my biggest fashion struggles is finding shirts long enough - being tall doesn't help. I was walking through Westfield a couple of weeks ago when this shirt caught my eye (if my  Instagram hadn't tipped you off yet I am obsessed with stripes), it was inside Sussan - which I would never have gone into otherwise. The shirt is perfect though and I ended up buying two others. Unlike all the stores aimed at young girls and women these days it did not restrict itself to trends, only stocking bodycon dress, crop tops and tight fitting skorts. So I was able to find things that were a little different which I am finding more and more difficult these days. 

All in all I learnt my lesson, don't judge a store by its demographic. I'm not saying you're going to love everything they sell, but you never know what you'll find. 

On a different note, if any of you are tall girls and struggle to find jeans that don't show off your ankles you should definitely check out the 'Tall' section of Topshop - a serious godsend.

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Photos by Roisin Kerin