Frank Coffee Scrub

Hey babe. I'm Frank coffee scrub, put me on your body.

Today is the day you make the most important decision of your life (if you take out all the big stuff such as mortgages, study, baby making and generally anything that effects stable income) - today's the day you order Frank Coffee Scrub. You know why? Because basically everyone with an instagram account or connection to the internet says so, that's why. 

Frank is one of the few things that has gone 'viral' in this technological age that is not overrated. I'm referring to the Candy Crush's and Michael Kors watches of the world. The diamonties won't fall out after a couple of months and your bank account won't get drained because you can't get to the next level, metaphorically speaking. Frank lives up to the hype. 

After hopping out of the shower and putting on some clothes I wasted no time in making my entire family feel my skin. Most of them initially refused my odd request but eventually gave in to my insistent nagging which was followed by requests to use some themselves - all were denied, they can buy their own damn Frank scrub. 

Seriously though, buy your own damn Frank scrub. You won't regret it. The smell alone was worth the $14. If coffee isn't your cup of tea (see what I did there?) they now have an all new coconut flavour. They make it very clear on the packet not to use the scrub for your coffee though, no matter how tempted you may be. Trust me, I was. 

To be honest, it was also super fun applying the scrub. It made a huge mess and I'm very lucky I don't share my bathroom with anyone because my shower and bathroom floor are now scattered with coffee, but I haven't been allowed to get that messy without feeling stupid since I was a child. And all in the name of soft skin. Being an adult can get super boring, what with all that horrible responsibility stuff, do yourself a favour and buy some Frank and get messy.