Margaret Zhang is my spirit animal. If I could dress like her everyday, I would. Her Instagram is my happy place and her wardrobe makes mine look like a Vinnies. But seriously, the girl has style. Unfortunately, my bank account isn't a huge fan of my obsession. So I have had to start putting aside some of my high fashion aspirations and move on to more budget dreams. So I have spent the last few hours pulling together some cheap(er) copy-cat outfits - knowing I couldn't be the only girl on the internet who wants to dress like Margaret I figure I should probably share my finds with the world. My bank account still isn't completely chuffed - but it's certainly breathing a little easier. 

River Island Bag - $34  (Save approx $100)

River Island Bag - $34 (Save approx $100)

ASOS Coat - $168.34  (save $500)

I hope this helped you ease your Margaret Zhang envy at least a little bit - we may not betravelling around for Fashion Month but we can look just as glamorous going to the dentist and doing our shopping.