Alice McCall 'Orpheus' dress

Every now and then a dress comes along that actually takes your breath away. The Orpheus dress by Alice McCall is one of those dresses. The print, the colours, the cut - everything has been designed so perfectly that every girl in Australia gasped as it came down the runway. It's taken me almost a year since then to convince myself to purchase it - no regrets. You take one step in this dress and realise that not only is the dress itself stunning but the way it moves and flows and feels on your skin is beautiful. I never wanted to take it off.

I could walk around in this dress all day just to feel ethereal and beautiful a little longer. I probably would if it didn't feel sort of wasted to wear it while going to the supermarket and running errands. Let's hope some of my friends get married soon! Or maybe I'll just indulge in some High Tea at the Victoria Tea Rooms (one of my absolute favourite spaces in Sydney). 

I''ll do my best to stop gushing about the dress now and instead tell you about my friend Joe who took these photos for me. A huge thank you to him, he had just spent two days in Canberra taking photos for a wedding and then had to drive all the way back to Sydney just to come and take these photos of me. Pretty sure we know who the good friend award goes to. We hope to collaborate again in a week or so, so hopefully we'll have some more amazing photos to share with you after that. But to be honest, these take the top spot as my favourites so far - the dress really stole the show. Mary who?

Photos by Joe Cheng