Post a Parcel


If you have never done, or heard of, a Post-a-Parcel you're missing out on life. Okay, maybe not that much, but you're missing out on a lot of fun and annoying your family by turning your whole house into the equivalent of a Kindergarten craft table. The idea is that you register, over at Nia Neve's blog Life & Co and she partners you up with someone and each of you put together a parcel of 5 things and mail it off! 

This months theme was Valentine's Day (obvs) and I got right into the spirit (some my argue too much) and got to crafting straight away. I made approximately 5 batches of those lollipops before I got it right. The first had beer spilt on them in the midst of a party (hint: don't make lollipops right before hosting an Australia Day rager), the second turned to goo (I can't explain why, it's a mystery), the fourth I burnt (oops) and the fifth were perfect (finally)! 

The little pink hearts actually caused the most trouble. Essentially they were supposed to be 'Conversation Hearts' but I ran into some issues with the food pen. ie I couldn't find one anywhere. I also lost the heart shaped cutter I bought especially for them - so had to hand cut them all. Much more effort than was anticipated. 

Everything else turned out to much easier than this rookie art's and craftser imagined. Especially bath salts! Who'da known? 

I'm eagerly awaiting my parcel from Sofie and will make sure to post photos when it arrives! 


ps heading to Cronulla today to do a fun shoot for Her Pony, can't wait to show what we come up with!