Staple The Label Skirt | Boohoo Top (Similar Here) | Christian Louboutin Shoes

There's something about crisp white pieces with clean straight edges that I just can't resist. I've spoken previously about how I avoid a-line skirts so I took a giant leap of faith in ordering this skirt. I've always loved Staple the Label - they are one of the few Australian labels I trust when it comes to being true to size, and stocking clothes in sizes bigger than a 10. So when I saw this skirt I pounced - metaphorically of course, I recently bought a new Macbook and it get's treated with nothing but soft touches and whispered promises to take care of it forever - and now I can't seem to take it off. I now also have a use for the 10 + cropped shirts I've collected over the last few months. I can't help feeling some (probably Spice Girls/Clueless/Britney Spears circa 1990's fueled) nostalgia every time I see one and buy it despite my lack of abs and mini skirts. So really it's a blessing that this skirt came a long and saved all those tops from a life of rejection in the depths of my overly stuffed wardrobe. And gave me a legitimate reason to buy more.

I also just have to marvel in the amazing pattern that is plaid for a moment. I have loved plaid since I was a little girl. I really do not remember what attributes to this or where it came from, but plaid and I go together like Karl Lagerfeld and his pony tail. Maybe not quite as iconic, but we'll get here. So now that it is finally 'in fashion' (You can imagine how thrilled I was with the Simone Rocha Fall 2014 RTA collection) I can finally stock up of pieces. I've have always worn it, on trend or not, but it has not always been easy to find plaid pieces that don't make you like a Catholic school girl - side note; I did once buy a friends school skirt after you graduated and customised it - so it's nice that I finally have a world of variety in front of me. Nice for my wardrobe, not my bank account. 

Photos by Joe Cheng