Topshop Crop (similar here) | ASOS Skirt | Nowhere Shoes (similar here) | Colette Bag

I've never been good at spontaneous decisions (unless clothes or shoes are involved). I find myself unable to make decisions about even the simplest things, where to buy lunch, where to go for catch ups, what presents to buy, etc. Currently struggling over my desire to listen to 'Heartbeat' by Childish Gambino on repeat versus my love of his new album. I've settled for silence. When it comes to big life decisions I tend to end up in bed watching Seinfeld episodes with a huge cup of tea. George's denial and Elaine's eccentrics are the perfect way to forget about the bigger picture. Somehow though, over the past week, I've managed not only to make a huge decision but also to do so with almost no thought at all. Going to the other extreme of decision making by diving head first into enrolment forms rather than taking time to think might backfire, but for now I'm pretty happy with this change. As of May 26th I'll be attending Macleay College to get a diploma in journalism. My plan, from age 7, was always to study journalism. But like the fantastic decision maker I am, overwhelmed by university course guides, open weeks, timetables and seminars, I canted my mind and studied something else. I've now graduated, and rather than step back into 4 years of the UNSW stairs and unbearable parking situations, I am pretty excited to instead be spending the next year in the very beautiful, very foodie friendly and very train-line-accessible Surry Hills.

Which brings us to todays outfit! I shot this in the late afternoon in Surry Hills last week. I spent a very whimsical and magical 15 minutes pretending I lived in this beautiful blue terrace. I was coming home from my grown-up job, I'd probably visited a organic fruit and veg shop on my way and I was about to go inside and crawl up with Dickens and tea (apparently well-off and adult Mary is a hopeless English classics lover). Sadly, if you still refer to things as 'grown-up' it probably means you're a long way off from anything as responsible as owning a bright blue terrace in central Sydney. Sigh - if only life was as easy and pretty as sheer white skirts and light blue plant boxes.

Photos by Joe Cheng