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Last week two internet babes Erika and Gemma hosted a Biggest (Virtual) Morning Tea and in order to do my bit I made these 'His and Her's' teacups. If you want to make your own pick up a couple of white tea cups (Ikea, Kmart, Target) and a black Posca pen (Officeworks or your local newsagent) and make stencil and then draw it on! It was much easier than I expected (not that my sister and our dog helped much jumping around on my bed while I tried to careful draw straight lines on porcelain).

Anyway making the way too-cute-to-handle teacups inspired me and with the help of the beautiful grrrl Jem Richards I was able to put together this little tea party shoot. With a hint of the perfect pink winter coat on the side. Waking up to cold weather and goosebumps is finally starting to happen on a daily basis and finding the perfect coat never easy. Ever. A over a $100 you usually can't afford to stock up on one in every colour. I have always gone safe and bought black or charcoal coats, because they go with everything. But when you're wearing dark winter green, greys and blues it's so tempting to brighten up an outfit with a coat. So I took the plunge. I basically flipped my usual clothing formula and wore black underneath the coat (and on my nails) and put the colour on top and on my feet. I'm pretty sure that it worked too, so no regret on the coat purchase front. 

Along with my excitement about finally having an excuse to step outside in my new colourful winter accessory I was also pretty happy about being out to make iced tea again. And to pull out and dust off the tea pot I bought in Morocco. And this is the first time that cup cake holder has held anything other than my rings, bracelets and hair accessories. Moral of the story? Always buy the coat and tea parties aren't only for little girls and their dolls, so hold more of them.

Photos by Jemima Richards