Winter (is coming)

Sass Jumper | ASOS Jeans | Vintage Shoes (Similar Here)

It's still only Autumn in Australia, but it doesn't feel like it. Game of Thrones started a couple of weeks ago, and true on its promise it brought winter with it. Not that I'm complaining. Where ever there is rain, jeans, hot chocolate (or at least coffee with lots of Cadbury hot chocolate mix snuck into it) and anything that warms your fingers, toes, neck or ears become acceptable accessories I am pretty happy and complaint free. Except when I have to wake up pre-breakfast time and my cars aircon takes 10+ minutes to heat up. Or when my sister 'borrows' my boots and I'm forced to walk around all day in open toe sandals. But for the most part winter is my happy place. 

The harsh reality of living in Australia is that we are never prepared for the cold weather, even those of us that relish winter and crawl through November - March on our sweaty hands and knees in despair and dreaming of days where our seat belts and steering wheels didn't give us 2nd degree burns. One day we will be in our ripped denim shorts and discussing the best ways to survive 12 hours at a festival without dehydrating and the next we are waking up to chills, donning our snuggies and tearing through our wardrobe looking for the warm clothes we swear we owned. No matter how much you remember stocking up on winter clothes last year we'll still only ever recover 1 or 2 shirts and maybe a couple of jackets if we're lucky. After a couple of weeks we'll realise we've already made the rounds of everyone we know twice and cannot get away with wearing the same outfit every day anymore. This is where my jumper/sweater technique comes in. Rather than go out and buying a whole new wardrobe just pick yourself up a few jumpers (well, I buy a few so I can mix it up, but you could probably get away with on 1 or 2). Coats are great (and if you're going for the I'm-a-stylish-adult-with-a-real-adult-job-preferrably-in-Paris look then coats are the way to go) but the downside of coats is that you can see your outfit beneath them. The magic of a jumper/sweater is that no one has to know that you're wearing a top underneath that you found in the corner of your wardrobe from 2 years ago. 

As I recently enroled in college (eek!) and I will now be expected to actually leave my house on a regular basis and interact with people in person rather than online from the comfort of my bed I promise you that the jumpers I've purchased, including this knitted attempt of brightening a gloomy day, will be on high rotation, paired with the few pairs of jeans I've accumulated. No one has to know I'm still wearing my owl-printed pyjamas underneath, right?

Photos by Elsie Jordan