Designer Duchess Faux Fur Vest | Zara Top (similar here) | ASOS Jeans | ROC Boots (similar here) | Kate Spade Bag

So I need to start this post of with a very cliche apology, it has been a month since my last post and I am so, so, so sorry. I'm sure anyone who who has any sort of consistent online presence understands that sometimes life just gets in the way. I've recently started a college course, which means I work full time hours Saturday through to Tuesday and I'm in class Wednesday through to Friday. Yes, that was my social life you just saw whiz past you into the abyss. So my life has suddenly gone from hours and hours of sleep and Pretty Little Liars to hours and hours of working and studying and stressing over becoming fluent in Shorthand. I'm a few weeks in now and finally getting into a routine and starting to get a hold of my time management (because let's be honest my time management was non-existent beforehand). Hopefully this means I'll start posting regularly again - and thank Zaphod Beeblebrox for online shopping, because I most certainly have no time to go shopping (insert emotional and dramatic breakdown here).

In other, less complaint ridden, news - it's finally winter! *Mexican Wave* Which means I can finally break out my Designer Duchess faux fur accessories. I've spent a lot of years searching for faux fur that didn't feel course or scratchy or like wire. And then in walks Nayia with her beautifully crafted faux fur pieces, which are uncanny to the real thing. No one should have to die for your fashion statement, so if you love fur please check Nayia's wonderful and impeccable alternatives! 

Now, I just wanted to take minute to dedicate some time (and unconditional love) to this handbag. I turned 23 a couple of weeks ago and my family (who obviously get me) bought this bag for me. I have wanted a large black tote since my early university days (with 4 text books, a laptop and exercise books the struggle with my small shoulder bags was real) and now that I'm studying again my desire was re-ignited. And boy did my family deliver. Every time I start walking around with it I instantly feel like I'm in the opening sequence of a movie, looking chic walking around city streets with Fancy by Iggy Azalea playing in the background. Not a bad way to start each morning! If you don't already own a great a handbag (be it a tote, a clutch, a shoulder bag or a shopper - whatever suits your needs) I would really advise getting one. They're definitely pricey but (like with sunglasses) they're totally worth the investment, you'll use them everyday for years and years. Possible the rest of your life if the quality is good enough. Do it! 

Photos by Charley Marlin