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Hello, my name's Mary. You may remember me from such blog posts as 'Orpheus' or 'Rooftop' and may have thought recently that I either a) did a Hannah Montana and began a double life as a pop star b) hit my head and have been wandering around thinking my name was Agnes or c) committed some heinous crime and have since been on the run. I'm sorry to say that the truth is not even nearly as exciting as all that. Remember that last post where I was all "Hey guys I'm sorry, here's a blog post! I'm doing so much better with my time management now!" - well I was wrong. Apparently even with great time management you still need actual free time to get stuff done. I feel cheated. Where's McGonagall with my time turner already? Enter stage right a bank holiday and Erika Rax (my blogger guardian angel) and voila - content! Seriously, I woke up one morning (because that's something I do now - wake up at normal people times) to a text from her which went something like 'Mary enough is enough you need to update your blog' and that was that. 

This is a post I've been wanting to create for a while. I've long said that my favourite thing to buy (and wear) is lingerie. I know that hardly anyone ever gets to see it (unless you own a blog and post pictures for all the world to see) but there is something about wearing beautiful under garments that just makes me feel confident, a little beautiful and ready to conquer what the world throws at me. These are my three favourites at the moment.

We all know that lace bralette's are hot property right now and I struggled between my love for them and my C-cup chest for a long time. I suppose I could have lost weight to not only drop a dress size but also a cup size - but donuts, fries and bagels are delicious so that quickly got ruled out as an option. But that's okay, because then I discovered Lonely Hearts Lingerie who saved me from a miserable lace-less life. And my body thanks them every day. They're not cheap, and it took me a long time to take the plunge from the shopping cart to paypal, but if you make one selfish purchase this year, make it one of these bras. God knows you deserve it after rent, car insurance, petrol and train tickets. 

As for the wonderful and fun pink number, I got this one from Triangl. I'm sure you've all seen/envied/bought one of their bikini's by now. Well, I'm not much of a swimmer and I really dislike water of almost all varieties (the Croatian coastal kind managed to sway me) so I was feeling really left out when everyone started jumping on the Triangl train - until a beautiful soul told me they sold bras as well. Thank you friend, sorry Visa. Whenever I put it on I feel obligated to play The Spice Girls or Hilary Duff on full blast and sing into my hairbrush. And I do, every time.

Last (but obviously not least) is my daisy bralette from Her Pony, which you may remember from a previous post. I've had it for a while but I still can't help feeling a little whimsical and dazed whenever I put it on. I feel like you could put daisies on anything and I would buy it. Backpacks, skirts, shoes, gloves, mugs. Feels like there's probably an account on Etsy out there just waiting for me to discover it. Really though, although these daisies prevent me from wearing this bralette under anything form fitting (a bumpy chest would probably attract glances for the wrong reasons) I often find myself completely re-evaluating my outfit for the day just so I can wear it. 

*(currently out of stock but they frequently re-stock/you can email them to be placed on a waiting list)

Photos by Erika Rax