Zalora Dress | Kate Spade Bag | London Rebel Boots (similar here)

Somehow I managed to irritate the powers that be because I have just spent the final week of my little personal break in bed with the flu of all flus. You're supposed to be able to just get cozy, watch movies and eat soup when you're sick, but as I couldn't even get my fingers to type out a text I spent most of my time in bed staring at my ceiling. Thank you universe, that's just what I needed leading up to another 13 weeks jam packed with study and work. But alas, to echo the words of dear Ned, such is life. Luckily Erika and I took these photos a few weeks back so I can give you guys something to look at. With a week full of more exciting announcements, Kate and Will's baby, Miley Cyrus' DIY collaboration with Jeremy Scott and the new Big Brother housemates just to name a few, I'm sure my illness doesn't really interest anyone. So on to bigger and better things. 

I fell in love with this dress because it reminded me of one worn by Zanita Whittington quite a while ago by Stella McCartney. Although obviously not quite as structured or well fitting as the Stella dress Zanita wore for the Firenze 4 Ever blogger event in Italy I was willing to make some fit sacrifices to get pretty close. And for under $40 I wasn't really complaining. I've never really swayed in the direction of sports lux (the closest I've gotten to sporting or work out gear in the last few years are wooly lined sneakers) I really fell in love with the panelled, woollen scuba goodness of that Stella McCartney dress. A lot has changed since it was released two years ago - Zanita cut all her hair off (and so did I, ironically), a whole two seasons of Game of Thrones flew by, Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar and wars have broken out. But I have not fallen out of love with that dress. So I bought this one when I saw it on The Iconic straight away.

I'm actually currently supposed to be studying for my Shorthand exam which I am sitting at lunch time tomorrow. But pulled myself out of a 'special outlines' stupor to write this up instead (read: procrastinate). Don't tell Penny (my real life Professor McGonagall - although I've yet to see her command an army of suits of armour to storm a castle she is as close to the real thing as I believe anyone could get). Most people should feel free after an exam, but as I'm back in classes next week I won't have much time to celebrate. But fear not! I am in a flurry trying to organise Christmas and my next travel adventure which is bound to open up a whole new can of blog possibilities. Please pray to your being of choice (God, Buddha, The Force, Dr Who etc) for me tomorrow at 12:30pm, it'll hopefully save my butt.

Photos by Erika Rax