Ezra Skirt and Top | Kate Spade Bag | Novo Shoes (similar here and here

Cheap and easy basics have become a pretty integral part of my winter wardrobe. This skirt and top only cost me $48 all up (seriously) and I'm getting more wear out of them than a lot of my more expensive pieces. I am a big supporter of expensive staple pieces that you can use and love for the rest of your life but let's not downplay the importance and value that comes in the form of affordable easy to wear finds. No one could go around only spending upwards of $200 on every item in their wardrobe, least of all because that's probably not the most responsible use of our money. 

For days when you're in a rush (or are simply too exhausted to attempt coordinating colours and patterns) it's great to have go to items that take minimum thought and preparation. I'm slowly becoming the poster girl for midi skirts (eg one and two) because they eliminate the possibility of flashing the entire street (I'm rather tall and have this problem with almost all skirts/dress - even midi's became 'knee-length' on me) and they also give your outfit a 'chic' vibe that short skirts simply can't achieve. As most of you know I've recently started studying Journalism and have frequented court in order to try my hand at court reporting. Something I never knew was that women have to cover up in court, we aren't allowed to show our shoulders or above our knees and some judges don't approve of pants either. A little bit of an out-dated system in my opinion, but that's a battle for another day. In the interim I've found that midi skirts paired with an array of basic tops have become the perfect outfits for my court-reporting alter ego to wear to the Downing Centre. 

The same rule can be applied to basically any corporate landscape (or if you're feeling a little fun/princessy you can just brighten your colour scheme and wear the same outfit to brighten up a normal day of errands etc). I plan to. How many midi-skirts are too many? I guess I'll let you know when I find out. 

Photos by Erika Rax