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Last week my friends Chris and Charley and I went on a bit of an adventure to explore some different abandoned locations. Due to driving times (/being kicked out by angry workmen) we only managed to make it to two of these locations, but we will definitely be checking out more soon. 

These photos were taken at St Johns Orphanage in Goulburn. It was an orphanage for boys between 1912 and 1975. The children in the home lived horrible lives and were regularly beaten and abused. They were subjected to hard labour and only allowed to wash once a week. The rumours are that some of the children were either murdered there or died at the hands of a cruel quality of life and that their spirits still haunt the building.

Even just stepping through the gate felt eerie. You could see glimpses of the building through the vines, and it wasn't until we stepped through it that we realised the whole orphanage is protected by stone walls, leaving explorers such as ourselves with the freedom to take pictures and look around. I've never seen a building as traditional or as large as this in Australia. There was a long pathway that wound itself around to the front porch and the grass, which I expect was once neatly kempt was now over grown and dry. We began whispering almost as soon as we passed through the overgrown gate. Not that anyone could hear us, but normal talking would have seemed too loud. Of course we also unwittingly chose the windiest day of the year to visit a huge 4 level 18th century building with no secure windows or doors. As soon as we were inside every single sound became a threat. In retrospect it was all most likely due to the wind, but I dare you to go inside that home and convince yourself that no one is watching you. I even got a video of a door opening slowly, all the while creaking, all by itself. Again, this was probably just the wind but it's much easier to believe that from the comfort of my couch with ugg boots on and tea in hand. 

The inside of the home was covered in broke glass and graffiti. Someone had even written 'Harry Potter's Room' on the door of the cupboard under the stairs. While there was no furniture anywhere all the rooms still seemed to be in tact. Short of the the Palace of Versailles I have never seen a home with so many rooms. I understand the property is heritage listed conservation area but it would be a shame if nothing were to ever come of it. I know that Goulburn Ghost Tours use the home as a one of their stops, but it could be such a beautiful building if restored. Although if it is haunted I can't imagine who would want to live there. After sharing our adventure on Facebook a friend of mine sent me a photo of the a couple of people stepping onto the porch of the orphanage, on which you could just make out the ghost of a boy running. This was before I had gone through all of our photos, so I went through each one sure that I was going to see something I didn't want to or would prove that this place has more than pigeons living in it. Thankfully, for me anyway, I didn't.

Anyone who loves adventure should definitely check out this orphanage. I hope to go back and enter all the areas we weren't brave enough to go into (the basement, the 4th floor, a pitch black staircase to name a few) on perhaps a less windy day. 

Photos by myself, Chris Wong and Charley Marlin