Asos Top | Lack of Color Hat 

I think we can all admit that time is a scary and cruel mistress. I swear it was only last week that I was playing hide and seek in the bottom field of my primary school. It was only last Friday that I was navigating high school and on Saturday morning I was deciding whether I should study French or German. On Sunday I was 17 and drinking Fosters beer because it's all I could afford, right?

Unfortunately not. Somehow, despite all my best efforts to prevent it, we have entered another year. Which is sort of rude, because I hadn't finished all the things I wanted to do last year yet. Except purchase this top, because somehow 'buy pretty eyelash lace crop from Asos' got priority over 'Get to work on time 5 days in a row' and 'save money so you don't have to keep half filling your petrol tank'. It was worth it though, the detailing on this crop makes me feel like Taylor Swift at the Victoria's Secret fashion show, minus the vocal chords, and I love anything that matches my Lack of Color hat (Lack of Color; noun; Origin, Australia; synonym for Summer). 

The beginning of a new year means we are now supposed to start new to-do lists, throw away our old ways and bad habits and wake up January 1st new and reformed human beings. If it weren't for the lack of New Years related cards in Newsagents' I would swear this was another Hallmark holiday. 

I've never created New Years resolutions, as planning or sticking to a schedule have never really been my forté. I don't like to start off a year by disappointing myself before I even have a chance to disappoint anyone else. But this year I did decide to make some positive changes. Only things that I could pro-actively work on immediately, nothing like 'wake up earlier every day' or 'Instagram less' - because both of those suggestions, aside from being ludicrous, would not happen and would also make me unnecessarily unhappy. No, the two things I've decided to do, and I've convinced myself that they're not New Years resolutions but life affirmations and will go to my grave defending myself against conforming to this practice, is to start a book club and to write more. Surprising myself more than anyone, I have actually already done both activities. 

Our book club is reading Children of Men this month, and I won't deny that I loved discussing prospective books almost as much as I loved having an excuse to serve giant jugs of water with lemon and orange slices in them.

I've also started writing again. I won't bore you with my dreams of being on par with JK Rowling or all the stories I wrote as an infant, but the character tree quickly forming on my bedroom wall gives me butterflies every time I look at it. Which is better than the goosebumps I got every time I remembered I hadn't written anything in years. 

It's important to remember only to set yourself goals that you can achieve, and achieve happily. There's too much pressure on us to constantly strive for bigger, better and thinner. As for me, I'm going to relish an unexpectedly welcome day off with my sister, eating hot chip sandwiches, double tapping to my hearts desire and reading my book in the sun.

Photos by Elsie Jordan