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I'm not much of a fan of Summer (as you can probably tell by my lack of a tan) unless a snowman named Olaf is singing about it through my car speakers with the air con on full blast. But every now and then, when everything calms down and I realise I have nowhere to be and no one waiting for me anywhere, I don't mind a few hours laying in sun by myself and a book. 

It's like time slows down for a little while and your body has the time to catch up with your mind and chill out for a minute. I had a pretty rough start to my week and have had to take a few days off from work in order to heal. But today I managed to leave the house, a small but satisfying accomplishment, and rewarded myself with a few hours in my backyard by the pool. Having been cooped up in my bedroom for so long, I'll admit that even I felt great under the sun. At least until I got inside and realised I'd been burnt. Of course I was, I always get burnt, despite the thick layer of sunscreen I lather onto myself every single time. So now I'm sitting here covered in aloe vera, back where I belong under my air conditioner with waffles by my side. That'll teach me to try and act like a real Australian for an afternoon. If only I could teleport myself to my friend Paigge, who is in snowy Canada, for the day instead.