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Zimmermann Dress (similar - by Zimmermann - here) | Kate Spade Bag | London Rebel Shoes

As we get to the end of February and realise we're only a month away from being one quarter of the way through the year our new found motivation to make better choices and to dive into new adventures is probably fading away as quickly as the smell of Christmas trees and the confetti from our NYE bashes. Like a January 1st hang over, the after taste of our short lived hopes is unpleasant and unwelcome. 

But the hope isn't actually gone, it's just hidden under our forgotten gym memberships, the bottles of alcohol we said we'd given up and the wrappers of the chocolate bars we said we wouldn't eat. Heading into March I've made the decision to actively inspire myself. To ignore the loud calls of my bed and Netflix subscription and instead use that time pro-actively.

I've never been one for exercise and I think a world where I'm not allowed to eat Frootloops or toast a very sad one indeed. No, healthy living is not a goal I will ever be reaching to achieve. I have always had a more creative mind than an active one. I'll never understand those people who say that the burn of exercise is enjoyable. I do, however, understand the thrill that is reading, writing, drawing and most of all, new ideas. 

My first project of the year has been my new blog. It's called That's What She Said and you can visit it over here. I've wanted to write this blog for a long time, so it seemed the obvious first choice for my year of creativity (which I had aptly dubbed 'The Year Of The Mary'). It's about, well, sex. Sex, boys (and some men), relationships, dating and just all those things we love doing but never really talk about. Except maybe after one too many drinks with our girlfriends. My goal isn't for the blog to be particularly popular, although I wouldn't complain if it were, but simply a place to get the creative juice flowing. Having a place to put my thoughts motivates me to write. And the only way to get better at writing (which I'm pursuing as a career) is to practice it. 

My second project is a novel, but that one's under wraps until such a time as I decide it's not total crap.

As for these new photos, this dress was a present to myself. After a long year of hard work (to which there seems to be no end in site) and tireless evenings trying to keep up with my various responsibilities, I decided I deserved this delicate, white, stunning piece of heaven in my wardrobe and on my body. I'll make sure to wear it when I either break down from exhaustion in a ball tears on my bedroom floor, or on the day all my hard work pays off and I get the writing job of my dreams - which ever comes first. In the interim, I'll live off of the New York City vibes of this photo series and pretend that those stairs lead to my own apartment filled with books, music and white wooden floor boards.

Photos by Joe Cheng