Did you guys know cheese is actually really expensive? I mean, I've bought cheese before, I love cheese. But I usually just buy cheap brie because I'm not fancy and it all tastes the same to me. I'd still buy a $7 bottle of Yellow if I felt so inclined to drink champagne. But it turns out cheese, like really nice cheese, doesn't come cheap. For this recipe I had to buy four different types of cheese - which in all honesty sounded like a dream when I first set out - but it turns out parmigiano reggiano costs 15 fucking dollars (!?). I struggled to even find it cause apparently cheese that expensive isn't allowed to mingle with commoners such as mozzarella and cheddar and instead has a first class seat in a special fridge near the deli. Anyway, after I'd recovered from the shock and picked myself up off the dirty supermarket floor, I went home and actually started the cooking. 

I enlisted my friend Molly to cook with me this time around cause I knew full well I wouldn't be able to eat all this by myself. We halved the recipe and still had enough to feed an entire family, so alas a lot of food was wasted anyway. Thank fuck I used the fancy cheese, right?

This recipe was sort of soothing to make. If you're ever having a stressful day just pour four different cheeses into a pot with some milk and an entire stick of butter and stir it while it melts. Much cheaper than therapy. 

Also, if you don't have the time or appetite for the entire dish, you can just make the garlic bread crumb topping and eat it straight from the tray with a spoon. We did and definitely didn't regret it. I was almost disappointed when we had to put it in the dish. Also bonus fact: the bread crumb topping was a separate recipe to the actual mac'n'cheese. And thank christ, cause at this rate I'm going to be cooking my way through this book well into my 30s. 

Anyway, we were barely hungry when the dish was done cause we'd eaten so much of the topping, but I'm glad we powered through cause this baby was magical. But I'm a little sad I now know how truely unhealthy mac'n'cheese is cause I can no longer eat my weight in it with reckless abandon and denial. And now, neither can you, sorry!