Q&A with younger me

Dear Younger Me,

I saw this idea first over on Mara Wilson’s blog (she’s famous for playing Matilda, but is now an grown up and a writer like you). I loved it so much I thought I should emulate it. I hope she knows this kind of imitation is flattery.

  1. Hi younger me, let’s chat, you can ask me anything.
  2. Yes you can ask me anything!
  3. Didn’t you read my intro? I’m copying Mara’s style, I’m not supposed to write down your question.
  4. Yes, you can start now.
  5. I’m almost 24!
  6. I know it sounds really old, but I promise it’s actually not so bad
  7. It’s kind of like Home Alone, but every day!
  8. Yeah we go out all the time!
  9. Nah, she can’t do that anymore, anyway she doesn’t really care anymore!
  10. Oh yeah they got way bigger eventually
  11. Yes, she finally lets you dye it. You had some really terrible tiger stripes for a while. You eventually get to dye it pink!
  12. Nope, no children yet, you’ve been busy studying and stuff
  13. No, turns out prince charming isn’t real. But you know how you always used to lay in bed and wonder if the guy you’d lose your virginity to was just walking around out there with no clue you’d one day meet each other? Well turns out it he was.
  14. Yes!
  15. You met him in high school
  16. We changed schools for year 11, we went to a boy/girl school in Cronulla
  17. I know!
  18. They came too!
  19. 17
  20. Yes, very much
  21. No not at all, don’t listen to your ridiculous PE teacher, it’s not scary at all
  22. Yes, it was wonderful, we dated on and off for 6 years!
  23. Not quite like the movies and you get your heartbroken a few times, but it’s just like all those songs you’re listening to and you wouldn’t change it for the world.
  24. No, not anymore
  25. He didn’t want children, and you know we always wanted those. Although it turns out we are going to have a little more trouble with that than you expected. But that’s okay there’s so many options, you’re going to figure it out.
  26. No, no, we don’t hate him, he’s great, sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to. I won’t lie to you, it really sucks and it hurt like hell for a while there, but you just had different plans for your lives and eventually you learn that that’s okay.
  27. No, no one else, yet!
  28. What?
  29. I said you can ask me anything!
  30. C’mon!
  31. Oh, that, nope can’t help you.
  32. I’m kidding! Yeah I did.
  33. 8
  34. Hey!
  35. Seriously though, growing up a lot of people tell you that that stuff matters and you’ll be judged if you do it. Don’t listen to them, it’s actually really great and you enjoy it a lot so who cares what those people think, you’re probably much happier than them anyway.
  36. Yes, you really do!
  37. Oh yeah, sorry that did happen eventually.
  38. You’ll be really excited at first, but it’s actually the worst.
  39. You’ll know what I mean while you’re curled up hugging hot water bottles with empty chocolate wrappers all around you as you blast Taylor Swift songs.
  40. Oh right, sorry I forgot you don’t know who she is yet. She is like your best friend, even though she’s never met you, and she helps you through all your issues with her ridiculously catchy songs.
  41. No, we never won the lottery.
  42. Not yet, we still live with mum and dad in Sydney.
  43. We actually get along much better these days.
  44. Well no, not always.
  45. No.
  46. Oh yeah, she’s in year 9 now.
  47. She likes cooking, but she hates reading.
  48. I know! You’ll never understand it.
  49. She likes you a lot, never forgave you for dropping her though.
  50. No, I’m sorry, I wish!
  51. We work in insurance at the moment (/as a struggling writer who works for free).
  52. It’s complicated.
  53. Okay, okay. It means if you crash your car or your house burns down we’ll pay you money so you can fix them.
  54. I’m sorry you’re right, that wasn’t that complicated
  55. No you still write, but not many stories, mostly blog stuff.
  56. Right, you don’t know what a blog is either. It’s sort of like a page on the Internet where you write about life and your opinions.
  57. It is not boring! You’ll understand one day.
  58. Writers don’t really make that much you know.
  59. Well JK Rowling is different.
  60. Oh yeah the ending is great, just you wait! You won’t believe what happens with Snape.
  61. Sorry, can’t tell you that – Spoilers!
  62. Heads up though, the day the fifth one gets released you have an early soccer game and accidentally throw your retainer in the bin there and mum gets so mad she refuses to let you buy the book that day. So maybe try and be more careful, okay?
  63. No, I’m very sorry, it never came. You waited long past age 11 hoping they forgot and that it would show up, but it didn’t. I know that hurts, I’m sorry.
  64. Good idea.
  65. Yes.
  66. That’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better actually. But don’t worry you eventually learn to be more confident. Taylor Swift helps you through it too.
  67. Some people are just not nice people, you learn not to waste your time on them.
  68. Yes we’re all still friends!!
  69. They all went and studied different things. You took a little longer to figure out you really did want to be a writer. To be honest, you were a bit of an idiot about it, but you got there in the end.
  70. Archaeology and modern history.
  71. Yes, like Indiana Jones.
  72. No, not like The Emperor’s New Groove.
  73. Yes, yes I know it was stupid. But don’t worry, you came to your senses eventually.
  74. Yes you’re almost finished a journalism degree!
  75. No you still get to travel.
  76. Yes, even though you’re not rich.
  77. Lots of places! France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Austria, Morocco, Greece, Croatia, Germany, England… I’m probably forgetting a couple.
  78. Twice!
  79. No not with mum and dad.
  80. Not with Jack or Grace either.
  81. First it was with your boyfriend, the second time it was with a wonderful new friend you make when you’re about 18, she’s your best friend now!
  82. Actually you want to go to Japan next.
  83. I know, but you grow to really love it, don’t worry.
  84. Again with the writing.
  85. Yes, okay, yes you’re writing a novel. But it takes a lot longer than you think.
  86. No I’m sorry Terror World was never published
  87. It’s not that it wasn’t good, it just wasn’t the best book ever, but don’t worry, not many 8 year olds write best sellers!
  88. No, you never became good at sports, sorry.
  89. No, you can’t sing either.
  90. Nope, dancing was never your thing.
  91. Hey you are not. You are just more of the indoorsy type.
  92. Ah I forgot about that. No you never became an actor, you actually eventually realize you don’t want to be one, so don’t worry about it too much.
  93. Oh, we actually write about sex a lot.
  94. Don’t worry you can’t get in trouble for it when you’re 24 it’s okay.
  95. Yes, you do end up making lot’s of friends eventually, so just hold out. You have this really cool friend called Chris who you meet at work. Turns out you are a lot alike and you have long car trips where you sing along to all your favourite songs and you go to lots of movies together. You make lots of friends at work actually. Ok 5 more questions!
  96. No, you never develop any magic powers, sorry.
  97. No you never did become good at math, but don’t worry you end up passing everything with really great marks. So chill out.
  98. No, you can eat whatever you want now, although you might get fat.
  99. No, you’re not fat.
  100. Yes, Harry’s still around. Mum even let’s him inside now and he sleeps in your bed!